Provost Message

Dr Shrikant J Wagh

Dr Shrikant J Wagh

UPL UNIVERSITY OF SUSTAINABLE TECHNOLOGY - the name itself reflects convergence of industrial pragmatism, academic investigation, and development of mankind through technology, and it is committed to make history in the field of Science and Technology. The human resource of the university comprising students, faculty and staff members, and management stalwarts will do it in years to come. I am sure, we will do it because we have guts to face challenges despite natural calamities and artificial hurdles coming in the way. The students show stunning performances, faculties working hard, staff doggedly meeting deadlines of task completion, and management stalwarts relentlessly and generously motivating all is the open secret of this confidence.

Our strength is our dedication to day-to-day teaching, innovative research activity and getting closer to society via outreach activity. Our strength is our people – the students, the faculty, the staff, and the trustee members and industry professionals. I must mention here the unassuming support university is enjoying every moment in every activity. At last, I mention that UPL Group Companies have always been the care taker of this educational endeavour which guarantees success.

Jai Hind!